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Encouraging Others

Adam and John interview Blake Holmes, Director of Dallas Campus Ministries, and Todd Wagner, Senior Pastor of Watermark Community Church, about how to effectively encourage others.

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“You are CRAZY if you are leading a church/team and not putting effort into this, I wouldn’t want to work for you!” - Juliana Jones (Campus Coordinator)

Encouraging your team is one of the most important things a leader can do. It needs to be something you prioritize and value. Loving people well cannot be optional, and seeing that people are encouraged and well motivated is an amazing way to do that. Follow the link below to access our helpful PDF walking you through 15 of incredible ideas to encourage and motivate your staff/team. These ideas are sourced from the discussion in the podcast above as well as from polling the Watermark staff for their best practices on encouragement. We pray that it proves helpful as you think about new ways to love those you lead.

Download our 15 Ways to Encourage Your Team PDF