Pre-Conference Workshops Start April 1!

Ministry Workshops

We’re opening our doors the day before the Church Leadership Conference officially begins to offer pre-conference Workshops. Workshops allow you and your team to take a deep-dive into one of Watermark's core ministries, get personal training from ministry leaders, and connect with leaders from other churches who are passionate about the same area of ministry you are!

Each pre-conference Workshop begins on Monday April 1, at 12:30 pm and runs through Tuesday, April 2 at 11:30 am. The Church Leaders Conference officially kicks off Tuesday, April 2 at noon.

2018 Workshop Tracks

2019 Workshop Tracks will be announced soon, but we expect them to be similar to 2018 Workshop Tracks.


The people of any local church are at different places in their faith journey. How do we challenge individuals to take the next step in their walk with Christ? Discover more about how Watermark equips our members to “be and make disciples,” whether they are beginning a relationship with Christ, growing and maturing in faith, or desiring to serve in vocational ministry. The Equipping Team will discuss Bible studies for men and women that transform lives; daily devotional and apologetic strategies; studies on the faithful stewardship of God’s resources; and other opportunities designed to equip your church with a deeper understanding of God and His Word.

Community/ Connecting

For many churches, small groups are the entry point where people begin to experience biblical community, practice the “one anothers” of Scripture, and begin the process of spiritual transformation. In this workshop, we will discuss our foundational values and guiding principles for community, the process of assimilating and forming groups, our strategy for training leaders, and best practices for ensuring that members are shepherding one another.

Young Adults

Young adults are the largest and most influential demographic in the United States, and the church must reach them. The Porch, Watermark’s ministry to young adults in their 20s and 30s, started small but now engages with more than 3,500 young adults on the Dallas campus alone each week. Thousands more participate in The Porch through partner churches and online streams. Come and see how God is working powerfully in and through young adults. We’ll share our ministry vision, strategy, and methods; discuss principles for reaching young adults and challenging them to live out their purpose in Christ; and lay out practical approaches to addressing ministry challenges. Let us help you reach this generation for Christ!


Children’s ministry is a unique and strategic opportunity to build a foundation of faith in the church’s next generation. It can be a catalyst for life change in parents and volunteers, as well. Come hear how we are striving to intentionally influence the lives of kids and parents; equip both children and parents for their mission of being and making disciples; recruit, develop, and empower volunteer leaders; and focus everything we do on the character and nature of God and the good news of the gospel. The Watermark Kids team will discuss writing/evaluating gospel-centered children’s curriculum, recruitment and training of leaders, strategies for engaging and equipping parents, and why we never do “childcare.” You’ll also get a glimpse of a typical large-group gathering in action.


We believe that the junior high and high school years are incredible opportunities for eternal investment. At Watermark, the Student Ministries team wants our students to be rooted in Christ and influential for Him. Come hear how that practically plays out in our ministry and learn from a team that has been on-mission together for many years. We will discuss all facets of our ministry, including strategy around events, small groups, volunteer leaders, weekly meetings, and more. We can’t wait to share what we’ve learned over the years with you!


For the last 16 years, Watermark’s Marriage Ministry has set out to make disciples by preparing nearly weds, establishing newlyweds, and enriching and restoring all marriages. This approach has greatly impacted our church, community, and even other churches. In this workshop, our team will discuss the “why” behind our ministry model, offer details about our unique marriage ministries, and give you practical steps to take as you lead couples in your church. Whether you are looking to improve your marriage ministry, overhaul your strategy, or start from the ground up, this workshop will help you make disciples in the context of marriage ministry and the local church.


People are suffering in silence as struggles and addictions run rampant within every church. The question is: does your church have a way for people to find recovery? We believe (and have seen!) that anyone can experience new life and freedom through Jesus and His steps of healing, which are laid out in the Bible. Re:generation is a 12-step discipleship recovery ministry. By daily abiding with the Lord through Christ-centered, biblical steps in an authentic community, many people have been freed from porn addiction, substance abuse, codependency, sex addiction, eating disorders, depression, fear, control, emotional/physical/sexual abuse, same-sex attraction, anger, obsessive thoughts, and many other sin struggles. As people walk in the freedom of Christ, your entire church will change and grow. The re:generation ministry is FREE to all churches. Come hear our ministry vision, strategy, and methods for reaching those seeking recovery.

Executive Pastor

Join some of Watermark's leadership and fellow executive pastors to discuss best practices for leading the operations of your church. This workshop will touch on the unique organizational challenges facing senior church leaders, including finances and budgeting, hiring, strategic planning and execution, decision-making, real estate, facilities management, and more. After spending close to ten years in the corporate world, both Greg and Luke were called by God to leave their business careers and use their experience to serve and lead at Watermark. Discover more about the leadership lessons our team has gleaned over the years.

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Workshop FAQs

  • Can I attend more than one Workshop? No, you’ll select just one workshop to attend during the day leading up to the official kick-off of the 2018 Church Leaders Conference. Attending just one workshop will help you get the most out of your Workshop experience. Members of your team can each attend a different workshop if you choose.
  • How do I register for a Workshop? Simply select the “Conference + Workshop” option during registration.